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    The Quilcene School Garden was started by a group of community members, parents and teachers who wanted to introduce fresh, healthy food, local food producers and garden education practices into our school. In 2009 a successful coalition was formed who gathered and received a generous grant from Jefferson County Public Works. In addition, they were able to secure direction and a garden teacher, which was made possible through Jefferson County Farm to School. The coalition was able to work with a supportive school board, administration, and food service director to implement these goals and interests. After the success of this collaboration and with the continued interest of the school board, school administration and staff members, the garden program became a solid and permanent feature of our school.


    Our School Garden is located in the SW corner of our school campus and is surrounded by fencing to delineate the space as a classroom. We have around 1800 sq feet of growing space that includes a greenhouse, a classroom shelter, annual garden beds, an orchard with grassy areas and a perennial garden. We produce fresh and nutritious food to use in the cafeteria, to eat during garden class time, to take home to families, to share with those in need or to sell as a fundraiser for the garden or related student projects. In addition, our garden helps beautify the school grounds, attract butterflies and other pollinators, and create native plant and animal habitats.

    The school garden is committed to using organic methods of growing plants and produce and will not tolerate the use of pesticides or chemicals. The school garden will always be a welcoming place for students, staff members and community members to congregate and explore.


    The Quilcene School Garden aims to enrich the K-12 curriculum, and support project-based and experiential learning. We also aim to inspire students to learn about good nutrition and environmental stewardship through weekly class time exposure in the school garden and through access to local and garden grown foods in the school cafeteria. Lastly, we provide opportunity for community members to connect with students and the garden through interaction during class time, care and maintenance of the garden grounds and student projects that could reach out into the neighborhoods surrounding our school in Quilcene.

    The school garden is an extension of the classroom. The program intends to reconnect students with the natural world, the source of their food. The school garden is a place where students can learn valuable gardening and agricultural skills, test concepts that apply and integrate other educational subjects such as art, math, science, health, physical education, social studies and STEM/STEAM and understand personal and social responsibility.

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    For more information, please contact Erin Yeakel Garden Coordinator at eyeakel@qsd48.org
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