• Mr. Darell Dahlman, Music

    I began my fascination with sound as a 5 year old, sitting on my Grandmother’s piano stool patiently gently and carefully pressing down first the lowest and then the highest keys.


    My first experience teaching was fun!  I started at 15 with my friends paying me $3 for half an hour learning guitar. (I thought what a great way to make a living!)  I went on to study music earning my Bachelor of Arts in Music Education at Seattle Pacific University.  I received a Graduate Fellowship for a Masters of Music at Eastern Washington University and have taught K-12 as well as serving as Music Director at the college level off and on for the past 35 years. Since 2005, I have taught in Washington and Oregon in public schools as a substitute teacher.


    I am a composing and recording artist, and have produced two well received CD's entitled Christmas Piano and Garments of Deep selling 14,000 albums all over the world.


    Music has an uncanny way of reaching deep into our souls and somehow gives us a sense of hope where there is despair...and we find ourselves clothed in a new garment of peace, a new attitude, a new perspective, as we celebrate music.

    Looking forward to seeing many discover the music and creativity...in them!