Quilcene School District - Board of Directors
 Board Meeting - 5:00
Board Room #9
June 17, 2015

I. Call to Order 

Flag salute 


Negotiations for Non-Bargained Employees


II. Public Hearing for the 2014/15 General Fund Budget Extension 

III. Approval of Resolution No. 4: 2014/15: General Fund Budget Extension Adoption - Action Item

IV. Approval of Minutes  

May 20, 2015 Meeting Minutes

June 10, Special Meeting Minutes

V. Additions/Deletions to Agenda

VI. Consent Agenda

May Final Payroll 272,081.07

June Preliminary Payroll 280,000.00

General Funds Vouchers - Warrant #59426-59568 110,352.80

General Fund Voucher - Manual Warrant #59426A 2,952.00

Approval to pay Amazon invoice (w/July 1st meeting cancellation, this invoice will then become "late")

ASB Fund Vouchers - Warrant #1849-1865 5,505.52

ASB Fund Vouchers - Manual Warrants #1847-1848 1,400.00

Resignation of Dr. Rachel Osborn as Learning Specialist

Resignation of Kris Green .20 FTE PEARL Teacher

Resignation of Cortney Proffitt as MS Boy's Basketball Coach

Resignation of Marissa Apeland as ASB Co-Advisor

Approval to hire Jenelle Cleland as 1.0 teacher (.80 Crossroads/.20 HS SpEd)

Approval of 15 supplemental days for PEARL teachers (see list attached)

Approval of $10,000 stipend for Jolene Kieffer for 2015/2016 PEARL Director

Approval of 7 supplemental day for 2014/2015 school year (summer days) for Katie Braaten, K-12 Counselor

Approval of $700 stipend for Strategic Planning Facilitator for Pam Mack

Approval of fall coaches (see list attached)

Approval of annual agreement with OESD for 2015-2016 Kitsap Co. Juvenile Detention Center School

Approval of Julia Kilcullen as ASB Advisor

Approval of annual agreement with YMCA for services provided to students during 2015/2016 school year

Surplus of kitchen deep fryer; value unknown at this time (will be appraised by Olympic Restaurant Equipment)


Approval of PEARL Fieldtrip Coordinators: Pamela Zelen & Jen Sarginson for 2015/2016 contracts $13,500

VII. Administrative Reports

Business Manager - Financial Reports

Superintendent Update - 

VIII. Time allowed for individuals to speak (not to exceed 3 minutes/person per Policy #1400)

IX. Discussion /Action Items

a) Karen Ciccarone speaking about her free youth counseling clinic in Pt. Hadlock - Discussion Item
b) Garden Presentation - Discussion Item
c) Elementary playground equipment proposal review - Discussion/Action Item
d) Non-Bargained Employee Salary Schedule Revisions - Discussion/Action Item
e) Non-Bargained Employee Salary Increases - Discussion/Action Item
f) Strategic Planning update - Discussion Item
g) Policy #2027/2027P (New) - District Ownership of Staff-Created Work - 2nd Reading
h) Policy #2418/2418P/2418F (New) - Waiver of High School Graduation Credits - 2nd Reading
i) Policy #4130 (Revised) - Title I Parent Involvement - 1st Reading
j) Policy #6700/6700P (Revised) - Nutrition and Physical Fitness - 1st Reading 
k) Due to anticipated economic circumstances in the school district we are authorizing Superintendent to take required action to the extent deemed necessary by him and in the program areas deemed appropriate by him in order to reduce the classified staff in the district by approximately 3.0 FTE positions for the 2015/2016 school year - Discussion/Action Item
l) Approval to hold this year's Quilcene Fair on school grounds - Discussion/Action Item
m) Vocational Cooking Program 2015/2016 school year - Veda Wilson

X. Correspondence/Announcements

Count Me in for Quilcene Grant - $500 Max for Spring Music Show

OSPI Letter regarding ALE audit

OSPI Letter regarding Special Education Onsite Review part of WISM

XI. Topics for next board meeting

XII. Upcoming Meetings

CANCELLATION: Board Meeting - July 1, 2015 at 4:30 - Board Room (no budget available due to legislature still in session)

Board Meeting - July 22, 2015 at 4:30 - Board Room

XIII. Adjournment