Quilcene School District Board of Directors
Board Meeting - 4:30
The Board Room #9
February 18, 2015
1) Strategic Planning
2) Elementary Standard-Based Report Cards / Semester replacing Trimester
1) Superintendent Contract Review 3) Personnel
2) ESP Negotiations Update 4) Legal Matters

I. Call to Order 

Flag salute 

School of Distinction Award presented by Greg Lynch, OESD Superintendent & Donn Ring, OESD Board Chair

II. Approval of Minutes  

January 21, 2015 Meeting Minutes

III. Additions/Deletions to Agenda

IV. Consent Agenda

February Preliminary Payroll                                              220,000.00

General Funds Vouchers - Warrant #48489-48490                                                    353.80

General Funds Vouchers - Warrant #58512-58719                                              153,456.17

ASB Fund Voucher - Warrant #1829                                                 2,012.80

Resignation of Mark Thompson as High School Boy's Basketball Head Coach

Resignation of Tammy Thompson as Cheer Co-Coach

Resignation of Pam Mack as Cheer Co-Coach

Resignation of Kaylie Castillo as Middle School Girl's Basketball Asst. Coach

Approval to hire Darrin Dotson as Head Baseball Coach

Approval to hire Cortney Proffitt as Middle School Girl's Basketball Co-Coach

Approval to hire Darlene Apeland as Middle School Girl's Basketball Co-Coach

Approval to hire Darlene Apeland as Human Resources/Payroll Clerk

Resignation of Phil Davis as Crossroads Director effective 6/30/2015

Resignation of Darlene Apeland as 4 hour Asst. Librarian & 4 hour Bus. Asst. II

V. Administrative Reports

Business Manager - Financial Reports

Superintendent Update - 

VI. Time allowed for individuals to speak (not to exceed 3 minutes/person per Policy #1400)

VII. Discussion /Action Items
a) ESP Collaborative Bargaining Agreement - Discussion/Action Item
b) Policy 2107 - Comprehensive Early Literacy Plan (new) - 2nd reading
c) Policy 2410 - High School Graduation Requirements (revised) - 2nd reading
d) Policy 3115 - Homeless Student/Enrollment Rights & Services (revised) - 2nd reading
e) Policy 3207/3207P - Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying (revised) - 2nd reading
f) Policy 3210/3210P - Nondiscrimination (revised) - 2nd reading
g) Policy 3231/3231P - Student Records (revised) - 2nd reading
h) Policy 5011/5011P - Sexual Harassment (revised) - 2nd reading
i) Follow up from JCEP Meeting - Discussion Item
j) Schools on Trains Program: 7th Grade to Portland Zoo on February 24th - Action Item
k) ALE Audit Management Letter - Discussion Item
l) Well/Water Audit - Discussion Item
m) Sports schedule for Quilcene Fair weekend - Discussion Item
n) Review the 2015/2016 School Calendar - Discussion/Action Item

VIII. Correspondence/Announcements

News from N.E.W.S.

IX. Topics for next board meeting

X. Upcoming Meetings

Board Work Session - March 18, 2015 at 4:30 - Board Room

Board Meeting - March 18, 2015 at 6:00 - Board Room

XI. Adjournment