Quilcene School District - Board of Directors
 Board Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, January20th at 4:30

Kate Snow Garden Plans 

Upcoming Levy 

Strategic Planning


 1.   Superintendent Contract 

2 Negotiations Update


I. Call to Order

Flag salute-Board Chair

II. Approval of Minutes

December 16, 2015 Meeting Minutes

III. Additions/Deletions to Agenda

IV.  Consent Agenda

December Final Payroll


January Preliminary Payroll


General Funds Vouchers - Warrants # 60754-


ASB Fund Vouchers #1879-


Approval of Colleen Winn 2 hr. increase as SpEd Para educator effective 1/24/2016

Approval of Colleen Winn 7th grade Class Advisor

Approval of Jenelle Cleland $600.00 Supplemental Contract for 15/16 SY for Service on the Quilcene Leadership Team

Approval of Mark Thompson $600.00 Supplemental Contract for 15/16 SY for Service on the Quilcene Leadership Team 

Approval of Austin Davis 2 hr. Computer Technician Position effective 1/5/16

Approval of Jenelle Cleland for a Supplemental Contract not to exceed 270 hours, for the purpose of working on student

 overload needs in the SpEd department between 1/25/16 to6/16/16, at the hourly rate of per diem.

Approval to hire Stacy Halverson for a Supplemental Contract not to exceed 180 hours, for the purpose of working on student 

overload needs in the SpEd Department between1/26/16 to 6/16/16.

Approval of Darlene Apeland's resignation of position as Middle School Girls' Basketball Coach

Approval to hire Jami Sukert as Business Office Assistant II effective 1/19/16

Approval to hire Joni Crowell as Middle School Girls' Basketball Coach

Approval to hire Hassel Gibson as Preschool SpEd Para educator 4 hrs./3 days a week for 2015/2016 SY effective 1/12/16

V. Administrative Reports

Business Manager - Financial Reports

Superintendent Update

VI. ASB Student Rep Report 

Ethan Davis

VII. Time allowed for individuals to speak (not to exceed 3 minutes/person per Policy #1400

VIII. Discussion/Action Items

a) Resignation of Gena Lont as School Board Director - POS. #4 (At-Large) - Discussion Item
b) Board Member Resignation and Vacancy - Discussion

c) Playground Advisory Committee Report - Discussion/Action Item

d) Playground donations: Penn Cove Mussels: $5,000, Taylor Shellfish: $4,000 and Gordon King $100 - Discussion/Action Item
e) Procedure #1733 - Board Member Compensation - 2nd Reading

f) Policy #3241- Classroom Management, Discipline and Corrective Action (revised) - 3rd Reading
g) Policy #4040 - Public Access to District Records (revised) - 3rd Reading

h) Policy #5222 - Job-Sharing Staff Members (revised) - 3rd Reading

i) Board Open Meeting w/Staff - Discussion

j) Elementary Math Program Update - Discussion 

k) Approval to hire Gena Lont as Human Resources/Payroll Specialist, 8 hrs. day effective 1/4/16
l) QEA MOU - Discussion/Action Item

IX. Correspondence/Announcements

Letter from Jefferson County Noxious Weed Control Board

Letter from Jefferson County Community Foundation (JCCF) GC3 Giving Circle

Letter from OSPI CPA Director Toni Bernethy, Audit Management and Resolution

Letter from WSSDA Executive Director Alan Burke

School Board Recognition Month - Announcements

X. Topics for next board meeting

Policy #2410 - 24 Credit Graduation Requirement - February

Policy #6700/6700P - Nutrition and Physical Fitness - April 

Work Study-Board Goals

Strategic Plan - Work Study

Accreditation Update

XI. Upcoming Meetings 

EJCEP March 2, 2016 @ 6:00 

XII. Adjournment