Quilcene School District

Board Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, June 14th, 2016
The Board Room
I.     Work Study: 4:30-5:10

Budget Extension

II.     Call to order

a.     Executive/Exempt: 5:10-6:00- QAA negotiations

III.     Meeting Resumption; General Session 6:00- Flag Salute, Board Chair

IV.     Public Hearing for the 2015/2016 General Fund Budget Extension

V.     Approval of Resolution No. 5:2015/2016: General Fund Budget Extension-Action Item

VI.     Approval of Minutes

May 18, 2016

May 25th, 2016

June 1st, 2016

June 3rd, 2016

VII.     Additions/Deletions to Agenda

Consent Agenda

Resignation of Kate Snow effective June 16th, 2016.

Resignation of Katherine Rancich as 2016/2017 11th Grade Advisor effective June 13, 2016.

Approval of increase of .2 FTE for Joni Crowell-Upper Elementary Math for 2016/2017

Approval of $3500 Supplemental Contract for 15/16 School Year for Joni Crowell- Summer school teacher

Approval of PEARL Fieldtrip Coordinators: Pamela Zelen and Jen Sarginson for 2016/2017 contracts $15,000.

Approval to amend the 2016/17 contract for Annjanette Morris from 1.0 FTE to .8 FTE.

Approval of 15 supplemental days for PEARL teachers (see list attached)

Approval of 2016/2017 Fall coaches (see list attached)

Approval of 2016/2017 Club and Class Advisors (see list attached)

Approval of 7 Supplemental days for 2015/2016 school year (summer days) for Katie Braaten, K-12 counselor.

Approval to hire Katelyn Hitt as Asst. Volleyball Coach.

Approval to hire Byron Wilson as Asst. Football Coach.

VIII.     Administrative Reports-Director of Business and Finance-Financial Reports

IX.     Superintendent Update –Dr. Stebbins

X.     ASB student Rep Report-Ethan Davis

XI.     Time allowed for individuals to speak (not to exceed 3 minutes/person per Policy #1400

XII.     Discussion/Action Items

a)     QAA contract for K-12 Principal- Discussion/Action Item
b)    QAA contract for PEARL Principal – Discussion/Action Item
c)     Re-appoint interim/in-house Superintendent-Discussion/Action Item
d)    Roof/Architect Report- Discussion/Action Item
e)     Bergman Teacher Projects Fund Grant $4,774.00-Discussion/Action Item
f)     New Math Curriculum Mr. Weller’s Pre-calculus class- Discussion/Action Item
g)    Class of 2017 Senior Trip-Discussion
h)    French II travel (Ginger Moore)-Discussion/Action Item
i)      Approval of overnight Boys’ basketball camp @ Soap Lake H.S. June 20th-23rd-Discussion/Action Item
j)      Approval of ASB overnight to Renaissance conference in Steilacoom Aug. 11-12-Discussion/Action Item
k)    Garden Update-Discussion Item
l)      Policy/Procedure #3246-Restraint, Isolation and Other Uses of Reasonable Force, 2nd Read
m)   Policy/Procedure 2020- Course Design, Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials, (revised) 2nd Read
n)   Policy #3141-Nonresident Students (revised)-1st Read
o)    Forms for Procedure 1733P-Board member compensation-Discussion/Action Item
p)    Policy 5211-Transfers-Deleted policy
q)    Procedure 5203P- Staff Assistance Program-Deleted
r)    Policy 5221-Part-Time Staff-Deleted
s)     Policy/Procedure 5230-Job Descriptions and Responsibilities-Deleted
t)     Procedure 5240-Evaluation of Staff-Deleted
u)      Procedure 5280P-Termination of Employment-Deleted
v)    Procedure 5281P-Disciplinary Action and Discharge-Deleted
w)    Policy5215-Assignment and Transfer of Certificated Administrative Staff-Deleted
x)    Elevator-Discussion/Action Item
y)    WA. Reading Corp approval of district funds for 2 Corps members for 2016/2017 program-Discussion/Action Item
z)     Monthly Spreadsheet format review-Discussion Item

z)     Board/Staff meeting May 25th-Discussion                  XIII.     Correspondence/Announcements –

XIV.     Topics for next board meeting

Sr. Project Update-Discussion (tabled)

Policy/Procedure #2410 High School Graduation Requirements (revised)-tabled

Policy #6700/6700P-Nutrition and Physical Fitness-Discussion Item (tabled)

Water audit review/status-Discussion Item

Feasibility study Quilcene water system consolidation draft-Discussion

XV.   Upcoming Meetings

WSSDA registration opens May 18th- Spokane Nov. 16-19th

    July 20, 2016-Business Meeting Only/Approval of Bills at 4:30

XVI.     Adjournment



PEARL Teachers

Brown, Steve

Hoesel, Bettina

Jorgensen, Abigail

Kieffer, Jodi

Kilcullen, Julia

Mandelbaum-Pope, Ruth

Morris, Annjanette

O'Dell, Angela

Olson, Donna

Park, Susan

Weller, Erika

Fall Coaches:


Football Head Coach

Beathard, Trey


HS Volleyball Head Coach

Crowell, Joni


Class and Club Advisors:



11th Grade


Weller, Jim

12th Grade


Winn, Colleen

8th Grade


Dahlman, Darrell

9th Grade


Kieffer, Jodi

10th Grade



7th Grade


Cleland, Jenelle



Dahlman, Darrell



Ham, Chelsea

Elem. Yearbook


Bettinger, Sue




Foreign Language


Weller, Jim

Honor Society


Crowell, Joni



Dobszinsky, Judith

Knowledge Bowl


Weller, Jim

Math Club


Dahlman, Darrell

Performing Arts


Wilson, Veda

Travel Club


Wilson, Veda

Voc Cooking


Williamson, Denise