Quilcene School District - Board of Directors
 Board Meeting - 4:30
July 22, 2015
I. Call to Order 

Flag salute 


Legal matters

Negotiations for Non-Bargained Employees (add'l info requested by the board)

Superintendent's Contract


II. Public Hearing for the 2015/2016 Budget Adoption

III. Approval of Resolution No. 5: 2014/15: Budget Adoption - Action Item

IV. Approval of Minutes  

June 17, Meeting Minutes

V. Additions/Deletions to Agenda

VI. Consent Agenda

June Final Payroll 283,855.94

July Final Payroll 253,718.60

General Funds Vouchers - Warrant #59589-59670 & 59691-59727 121,470.63
 General Funds Voucher - Void/Reissue Warrant #59728

Comp Tax - Wire Transfer 3,282.27

ASB Fund Vouchers - Warrant #1866-1870 4,990.00

ASB Fund Vouchers - Void Warrant #1867 -550.00

Resignation of Gary Perless as Spanish/Geography/Social Studies teacher

Resignation of Heather Sanders as Elementary teacher

Approval of annual cooperative agreement for data processing with OESD for 2015/2016 SY

Approval of annual contract for technology support services with OESD for 2015/2016 SY

Approval of FTE increase of .30 for Julia Kilcullen - PEARL Teacher

Approval to FTE increase of .20 for Sue Park - PEARL Teacher

Approval to hire Stacy Halverson as Special Education Resource Specialist 1.0 FTE

Approval to hire William Breakey as 1.0 FTE Learning Specialist

Approval to hire Alicia Johnsen as Administrative Secretary

Approval to hire Ginger Moore as HS World Language/Geography-MS Social Studies 1.0 FTE

Approval to hire Lucy French as Elementary Teacher 1.0 FTE

Approval of 2015/2016 Club and Class Advisors

VII. Administrative Reports

Business Manager - Financial Reports

Superintendent Update - 

VIII. Time allowed for individuals to speak (not to exceed 3 minutes/person per Policy #1400)

IX. Discussion /Action Items

a) Elementary playground equipment proposal review and implementation meetings (appoint Greg Brotherton head of advisory committee) - Discussion/Action Item
b) Non-Bargained Employee Salary Increases - Discussion/Action Item
c) Superintendent's Contract - Discussion/Action Item
d) Vocational Cooking Program 2015/2016 school year - Discussion/Action Item
e) Policy #4130 (Revised) - Title I Parent Involvement - 2nd Reading
f) Policy #6700/6700P (Revised) - Nutrition and Physical Fitness - 2nd Reading 
 Garden Program - Discussion Item

X. Correspondence/Announcements

XI. Topics for next board meeting

XII. Upcoming Meetings

Board Meeting - August 19, 2015 at 4:30 Board Room
JCEP Meeting - August 20, 2015 at 6:00 to 7:30 at PTSD

XIII. Adjournment