Quilcene School District Board Meeting Agenda, Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 @ 4:30,

The Board Room

I.      Work Study-4:30-5:15

a.       Board Retreat/Goals

II.      Call to Order - Flag Salute, Board Chair 5:15

III.      Approval of Minutes

July 20th, 2016

IV.      Additions/Deletions to Agenda

V.      Consent Agenda

July Final Payroll



August Preliminary Payroll



General Fund Vouchers - Warrant #



General Fund Vouchers - Warrant #



General Fund Vouchers - Warrant #


coming shortly

ASB Fund Vouchers - Warrant #



ASB Fund Vouchers - Warrant #



VTF Fund Vouchers - Warrant #



Comp Tax - 2nd Qtr - Wire Transfer





Resignation of 1.5 hours as Bus Aide by Carol Russell

Resignation of Denise Williamson as Art/Language Arts Teacher effective 8/31/16

Resignation of Denise Williamson as Yearbook Advisor effective 8/31/16

Resignation of Austin Davis as Computer Technician effective 8/13/16

Resignation of Neal Prater as Asst. Baseball Coach

Approval of Sue Bettinger as 2016/17 11th Grade Class Advisor

Approval of Katie Allen as 2016/17 7th Grade Class Advisor

Approval to hire Erin Yeakel as Garden Coordinator


VI.      Administrative Reports - Director of Business and Finance - Financial Reports, Darlene Apeland

  Superintendent Update - Wally Lis

VII.      Time allowed for individuals to speak (not to exceed 3 minutes/person per Policy #1400

VIII.      Discussion/Action Items

a)      Sr. Project Update-Discussion Item

b)      Policy/Procedure #2410 High School Graduation Requirements (revised), 2nd Read-Discussion/Action Item

c)       Update Facilities Use Application Form/Fee Schedule for Policy 4620-Discussion Item

d)      Feasibility Study Quilcene water system consolidation draft- Discussion Item

e)      Baseball Field-Discussion Item

f)        Letter from Wade Johnston-Discussion Item

g)       Facilities committee report-Discussion Item

h)      Garden Update-Discussion Item

i)        Update on athletic portable installation and other summer maintenance projects – Discussion Item

j)        Update on “open” staffing positions – Discussion Item

k)       Security Camera Grant – Discussion/Action Item

l)        Summer School follow up – Discussion Item


IX.      Correspondence/Announcements –

Letter from OSPI stating staff mix audit issue is resolved


X.      Topics for next board meeting

Board Retreat/Goals (continued)

Superintendent’s evaluation

Policy/Procedure #6700/6700P-Nutrition and Physical Fitness

PEARL finance background information


XI.      Upcoming Meetings

EJECP Meeting- Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

Regular School Board Meeting –Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 (Work Study begins at 4:30)


XII.      Adjournment