Quilcene School District

Board Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 at 4:30

The Board Room


I.     Work Study-4:30-5:00

Academic Performance monthly update

   Call to Order 5:00

a.     Executive/Exempt- examine lift bids, negotiations, personnel

II.     Meeting Resumption; General Session 6:00- Flag Salute, Board Chair

III.     Approval of Minutes

October 19th, 2016

October 24th, 2016 Special meeting

IV.     Additions/Deletions to Agenda

V.     Consent Agenda

October Final Payroll



November Preliminary Payroll



General Fund Vouchers - Warrant #



General Fund Vouchers - Warrant #



General Fund Vouchers - Warrant #



General Fund Vouchers - Warrant #



General Fund Vouchers – Warrant #



General Fund Vouchers – Warrant #



General Fund Vouchers – Warrant #



ASB Fund Vouchers - Warrant #



ASB Fund Voucher - Warrant #



ASB Fund Voucher - Warrant #



ASB Fund Voucher - Warrant #



CP Fund Voucher – Warrant #



Approval to hire Ginger Moore as 2016/17 Song & Dance Advisor

Approval to hire Bonnie Hitt as 2016/17 HS Girls Basketball Asst. Coach

Approval to hire Christina Early as SPED Para Educator 6.5 hrs. per day effective 11/01/16

Approval to hire LeeAnn Maki-VanBerkom as temporary Transportation Coordinator 2 hrs. per day as needed

Resignation of Kim Tingelstad as Librarian effective 11/18/16

Resignation of Jenelle Cleland as 2016/2017 ASB Advisor

Approval to hire Veda Wilson as 2016/2017 ASB Co-Advisor

Approval to hire Tamara Thompson as 2016/2017 ASB Co-Advisor

Administrative Reports - Director of Business and Finance-Financial Reports, Darlene Apeland

Superintendent Update - Wally Lis

VI.     ASB Student Rep Report- Ethan Davis

VII.     Time allowed for individuals to speak (not to exceed 3 minutes/person per Policy #1400

VIII.     Discussion/Action Items

a)     HS building ADA Lift-Discussion/Action Item

b)     Water audit- Discussion Item

c)     Follow up on PUD water system proposal-Discussion/Action Item

d)     Facilities Committee- Discussion Item

e)     Garden follow-up-Discussion Item

f)      PEARL testing data breakdown- Discussion Item

g)     Re-approval of Highly Capable Plan for 2016/2017-Discussion/Action Item

h)     Procedure #2161 Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students, 2nd read-Discussion/Action Item

i)      Procedure #1620 Board-Staff Communications-1st Read –Discussion/Action Item

j)      Policy/Procedure #6700/6700P-Nutrition and Physical Fitness (revised) 1st Read-Discussion

k)     Resolution No. 2:16/17- adopting the Jefferson County/City of Port Townsend All Hazards Mitigation Plan-1st read – Discussion/Action Item

l)      Sunday Waiver Agreement-Discussion/Action Item

m)   Wade Johnston’s requested actions-Discussion/Action Item

n)     Board Calendar-1st read-Discussion Item

o)     2016/2017 B-3 Contract, Early Intervention and Preschool Special Education Service Contract-Discussion/Action Item

p)     Cancellation of the December 21st, 2016 special board meeting-Discussion/Action Item

q)     Library/personnel- Discussion/Action Item

IX.     Correspondence/Announcements –

Invite to OESD’s Annual Legislative Engagement meeting Friday, Dec. 9th, 9am-12 pm

OSPI letter about the Individuals With Disabilities Act (IDEA 2004)

X.     Topics for next board meeting

OESD Budget Review Presentation-Steve McIntire

Annual organizational meeting, election of officers-per policy 1210

2255 Policy/Procedure-1st read

Senior Class of 2017 trip

XI.      Upcoming Meetings

Regular School Board Meeting –Wednesday, December 14th at 4:30

WSRMP Open Government Training Monday, November 28th- Tumwater

XII.     Executive/Exempt


XIII.     Adjournment