Quilcene School Fine Arts Show : Thursday May 7th 6pm



·         All parents and friends are invited to celebrate the creativity of our students! (art, media, dance, and music)


·         We will feature music, drama and dance in original performances from kindergarten through sixth grade. Every class will have a specific role in this show. There will be original songs and traditional sing along favorites.


·         A major feature will be a 50th anniversary celebration of a classic musical: The Sound of Music! After Spring break, we’ll audition seven students to play the seven children. We already have Captain and Maria cast from the teachers!


·         Each of the two boys and five girls will have three or four lines as we are doing just an excerpt from the musical featuring the famous Do-Re-Mi. Auditions will be held the week of April 6 when we return from break. 



·         We anticipate the evening will last approximately an hour.



Thanks for supporting arts and scheduling this event (Thursday May 7th 6pm) on your calendar!


Mr Dahlman (Mr. D)