We are glad you have come to visit us!!

Hello!  My name is Joni Crowell and I am excited to be teaching Math and Science.  We are planning to do some exciting things this year in our classroom with some hands on projects as well as using our new laptops.  Our 6th graders will be exploring Earth and Space science, while our 7th graders look at Physical Science.  8th grade students will focus on Life Science. For Math both grades will be expanding on their skills from previous grades to get ready for High School.
Quick Supply List: (I haven't been able to update the main list yet)
1. Graph Paper
2. Ear Buds/Head Phones
3. Calculator (Recommend Texas Instrument #TI-30XA or #TI-30XIIS)
4. Mechanical Pencil and Lead (Prefer .07mm)
Some websites we will be using include Edmodo (all), CK-12 (all), Khan Academy (all), Classcraft (All), Kerbal Space Program (7th) Codecademy (6th,7th), and SimScientist (8th).  Please take the time to visit these sites to see what your students will be learning.