My name is Kimberly Hinton. I am a resident of Port Townsend with my husband for one year now. Previously, I lived and taught in Dayton, OR for three years. I am, and always will be part Pirate (Go Pirates!). I am happy to take on an additional label of Ranger. (Go Rangers!) 
Prior to teaching, I worked as an artist, my medium was ceramics. I still do this, but as a sort of money hobby. 
As a mother of five children, two of whom received Special Education Services and the daughter of a parent with a disability, I have a passion for what I do. I know the rigors of dealing with children with disabilities at home and through the school systems. I am an advocate for parents and students. Together as a team, we will work hard to help children take responsibility for helping to design their needed accommodations and implementing strategies and supports for success. 
I look forward to getting to know the good people of Quilcene and their students. I feel immense gratitude for this opportunity.
Kim Hinton-Gannon  
Kim Hinton

Transition Opportunities and resources for Jefferson County